About Us

Founded and owned by Jeremy Charles Tebbutt, an industry veteran with over fifteen years of experience in the medical aesthetics industry. In his tenure, he has amassed a client list that has included Oscar and Grammy winners, major political players, professional sports players and many more. He has worked and studied with notable Canadian plastic surgeons and has completed and helped put on medical aesthetic workshops in Los Angeles, New York City and Toronto for both nurses and doctors. He has most notably worked with a Toronto cosmetic clinic helping to bring their brand wider recognition while raising the bar for cosmetic clinics for the industry as a whole. With SKIN6, Jeremy and his associates are working towards the objective of helping clients feel beautiful, radiant and rejuvenated for an honest confidence that speaks to the future of this industry. 

“At SKIN6: Medical Aesthetics, we are rather unique in the aesthetic industry and we are proud of that fact. We are driven by science, and everything we do is informed by the latest information and data available in medicine and aesthetics. We are not going to recommend something just because its popular in People magazine. We make a personalized assessment for each patient and cater our recommendations to you and your goals.”

SKIN6: Medical Aesthetics promises to provide the absolute best service and information we possibly can. We promise to offer only services that we truly believe in. And we promise to tell you everything we know, good and bad, about all the products and services out there in the aesthetics world. There are a lot of options, and we are dedicated to being experts. That means we are constantly learning and doing research. For every treatment or laser, we evaluate every aspect of it in addition to every competitor in order to decide whether it is something we consider worthwhile. We will recommend treatments that will help you– even if we don’t offer it ourselves.