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Non-Surgical Sculptra Butt Lift in Toronto

Non-Surgical Sculptra Butt Lift in Toronto


The Sculptra butt lift is a special buttocks-enhancement procedure used to thicken the skin and stimulate collagen growth using micro-invasive injections just below the skin. It is different from a fat graft and there is no downtime required.
For our patients with little fat, this makes the Sculptra butt lift procedure a convenient and effective option for increasing the volume of the buttocks.

It can be difficult to change the size and shape of the buttocks using only diet or exercise. Unfortunately, dieting cannot “target” specific areas of the body. Also, increasing the muscle mass of the glutes with squats or lunges can be time consuming and frustrating.

That’s why so many patients choose to bring proportion, shape, and enhancement to their body through the use of butt lift procedures. A butt lift can make your buttocks fuller and rounder, as well as reduce cellulite and build size helping you feel more confident and sexier.
If you want to know more about our Sculptra butt lift procedure at SKIN6, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our fully trained and licensed Nurses. We’ll make sure we answer all of your questions and get your transformation started as soon as possible!


During your consultation with one of our trained professional Nurses, you will discuss your goals and desired final results, as well as the most optimal way to achieve these results. Our Nurses will examine your body shape and discuss your expectations. They will be able to best determine the amount of Sculptra product that will be needed and the number of treatments for best results. Generally, for best results, a minimum of 2 to 3 sessions is recommended. You may need more after 3 sessions if you are not satisfied with the results at that point.
During your consultation, you should be prepared to discuss your medical history. All of our consultations are completely confidential in order to ensure the patient is fully informed.