Non-Surgical Sculptra Butt Lift

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Transform Your Silhouette with the Non-Surgical Sculptra Butt Lift — offers a convenient enhancement option for patients with little body fat, using micro-invasive injections to thicken the skin and stimulate collagen growth, thus increasing buttocks volume without downtime. Unlike fat grafts or time-consuming exercises like squats and lunges, which can’t target specific areas, this procedure effectively reshapes and adds fullness to the buttocks, reducing cellulite and boosting confidence with a sexier, more proportionate figure.


Non-Surgical Sculptra Butt Lift

Sculptra stimulates your body’s natural collagen production to gradually increase buttocks volume.

Typically, two to three sessions are needed, spaced six weeks apart.

There’s no significant downtime; you can resume normal activities almost immediately.

Results can last two years or more, depending on your body’s response to Sculptra.

There is minimal discomfort; however, we use numbing techniques to ensure comfort during the procedure

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